5 Myths About Professional Bail Agents Busted

//5 Myths About Professional Bail Agents Busted

5 Myths About Professional Bail Agents Busted

5 Myths About Professional Bail Agents Busted

People who have never worked with professional bail agents before may have formed an opinion based on Hollywood movies and crime shows on TV. Although the old stereotypes of yesteryear are disappearing, there are still some myths surrounding this career choice. Consider these five myths about bail experts for criminal bonds and civil bonds below.

A Bail Bondsman is Always a Man

Of course there are no laws that say a bail agent must be a man or any aspects of the job that would preclude a woman from doing it. It is true that more men gravitate to the business of handling bonds for misdemeanors and bonds for felonies, but women are also joining this profession. After all, since people will not stop committing crimes no matter what the economy is like, it is a pretty recession proof job.

Bail Experts Work Outside the Law

A bail bonds agency in College Station, TX or Bryan, TX has to have all appropriate licensing and needs to follow all legal bail and bond rules in order to do business. Even if the professional bail agency employs a bail recovery agent, otherwise known as a bounty hunter, he must also be licensed and is regulated by strict rules and guidelines. The Hollywood idea of chasing down criminals without consideration of legalities belongs only in the movies.

Bail Bond Businesses are Seedy or Low Class

For people who have never known someone who was arrested for, driving down to the jailhouse and finding a nearby bail bondsman may be an experience they consider decidedly low class. Most jails are not put in upper-middle-class neighborhoods after all, and professional bail agents twos convenient locations.

However, agents who help friends and family members of the accused find affordable bail solutions operate completely within the law and offer professional and courteous service to everyone who walks through their door. If you are in this circumstance and find a particularly seedy bail expert, you should walk back out again and find one that is professional and properly licensed.

Everyone Can Get Out of Jail With a Good Bail Bondsman

Some people labor under the misperception that everyone who is arrested can make bail. Bail for misdemeanors and bail for felonies both exist, but it is up to the hearing judge to decide if any surety bonds will be given or not. For particularly bad crimes, repeat offenders or cases where the accused is a considerable flight risk, no bail may be set. Also, since the bail bondsman requires a percentage-based fee for the entire bond amount, some may be too high for friends or family members to pay.

All Bail Bond Companies Use Bounty Hunters to Track Down Criminals

Yelp Gage Gandy Bail BondsmanSince bail recovery agents must be employed by companies in the Brazos Valley, TX area and also require special licensing, not every agency uses these bounty hunters track down people who do not return for future court dates. Sometimes, using bail recovery agents can cost more money than simply charging the person who paid partial bonds or put up collateral would. Find a local bail bondsman in your area… working with professional bail agents will ensure you’re receiving the best assistance available.

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