Bail Conditions

Bail Conditions

The Definition

Bail conditions are set for people who have been sent to jail, but were released back into freedom due to someone close to them paying the allotted amount to get them out from behind bars. These conditions are put in place so the individual does not take advantage of their freedom, since they are still awaiting trial or sentencing for the crime they committed. Bail conditions are simple, practical rules that are required of them in order to remain out of jail for the time being, and to keep them out of trouble. These conditions are also commonly referred to as conditions of release.

If Someone Violates Bail Conditions

If the individual does not comply with bail conditions, they risk being thrown back into prison by the judicial system. In addition, depending on the seriousness of the bail conditions violation, it could place more charges or fines against the individual. Therefore, it is vital for all individuals to abide by bail conditions if they ever face such a predicament.

Examples of Bail Conditions

Depending on the offense can determine the bail conditions for each individual case. However, most bail conditions are simple and basic, such as abiding by all laws and not fleeing the country. Other conditions can be more specific, such as a domestic violence suspect not being allowed to contact the victim of their alleged abuse. In other cases, the judge presiding over the case could specify bail conditions that are appropriate for the alleged crime or offense. In all cases, if someone is bailed out of jail, conditions will be applied upon them to obey until the case has been closed.

For example, John was arrested for drunk driving and possession of marijuana. He was released from jail once his mother posted the $10,000 bond. However, according to the bail conditions set by the judge, John must go frequent drug testing and alcohol testing, as well as weekly counseling with a local professional. Weekly community service hours were also required to the organization of his choosing, where no alcohol or drugs would be present. In addition, John must follow all laws and comply with a nightly curfew at 10:00pm.

These are general examples.  As always, please contact us at 979-821-2663 regarding your case.

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