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What is a Felony?

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, In US law, a felony is typically defined as a crime punishable by a term of imprisonment of not less than one year or by the death penalty. Misdemeanors, in contrast, are often defined as offenses punishable only by fines or by short terms of

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What are the College Station DUI laws?

Each State within the United States has been given the authority to write their own laws in regards to Driving Under the Influence, or better known as DUI. Texas enforces a strict zero tolerance law when it comes to DUI’s and prohibits drivers under 21 years old from having any

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Can I get a DUI if I’m parked?

 To keep it simple, yes you can. When an officer sees someone in his or her car, even if it is not moving, and he or she makes the determination that this person had the intent to drive, he or she may end up being cited for DUI. Although by

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Can I get a DUI for driving a boat?

Every state and the federal government have laws against Boating Under the Influence ('BUI') that allow law enforcement officials to stop boats and other watercraft, and make sure that boat operators and their passengers are safe enough to be allowed on the water. The power to make and enforce BUI

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7 Things to know about DUI checkpoints

What is a DUI checkpoint? DUI checkpoints also known, as sobriety checkpoints are quite common and you might encounter them more often than you’d like. They function as a general-purpose investigatory tactic that allows for police officers to get a close look at passing motorists by detaining them briefly. A

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What is Bond Revocation?

If a defendant does something to violate his bail agreement, such as a failure appear at his scheduled hearing, the bond will be revoked. At that point, the defendant has lost the right to be free before trial. The court can issue an arrest warrant for the failure to appear

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