7 Things to know about DUI checkpoints

What is a DUI checkpoint? DUI checkpoints also known, as sobriety checkpoints are quite common and you might encounter them more often than you’d like. They function as a general-purpose investigatory tactic that allows for police officers to get a close look at passing motorists by detaining them briefly. A roadblock stop is usually quick, but it gives the police a chance to check tags and licenses, while also giving police officers a quick whiff of the driver’s breath and glance at the drivers eye’s. It also gives the officer a chance to peer into the vehicle for a quick moment. Based on the results you are either allowed to continue driving or will be booked for a DUI. A DUI checkpoint can be just a place where one or more law enforcement officers are stationed and stop certain vehicles based on a preselected numeric value, like every third vehicle.

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Facts about Miranda Rights and Breathalyzer Tests

Successfully navigating each step you take within the process of being arrested can be very overwhelming and daunting at best. In this article, we will unpack facts surrounding Miranda Rights and the Breathalyzer Test. Due to the nature of each individual facing circumstances unique unto them, it will be in your best interest to please be sure to contact Gage Gandy for detailed information regarding your specific circumstances. Let’s look at what it will take for an average situation and if you could negotiate a reduced bail bond amount. What exactly are Miranda Rights? By definition, Miranda Rights (also known as Miranda Warning), is a right to silence warning given by police in the United States to criminal suspects in police custody. This also applies to those criminal suspects who are being held in a custodial interrogation. They have a right to silence before they are interrogated to preserve the

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What happens if someone is re-arrested while on bail?

There are many times that the scenario has been exhausted with the offender being out on bail and then being re-arrested. This situation will prove to be difficult, and somewhat unknown in the final outcome as each individual State within the United States has its own statutes and limitations. Your unique and individual case will also reflect differently when not only seeking bail but also seeking to be understood within the process of seeking bail for the second time. In this article we will unpack the process of what this looks like, and as always, please be sure to contact Gage Gandy for detailed information regarding your specific circumstances. What if bond has already been surrendered? When the defendant is back in custody, that would be the best time to surrender the bond and your liability will become terminated. There are two specific challenges with this that are important to

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How can I find out if someone has been arrested?

If you have recently been concerned that a family member or loved one is missing, you may now be considering checking to see if they have been arrested. Authorities have realized that it is important to have listed for public notification if someone has been arrested, and in this article we will unpack what it looks like to walk through that process. As always, please be sure to contact Gage Gandy for detailed information regarding your specific circumstances. What is a “Writ of Habeas Corpus”? A Writ of Habeas Corpus can be found within the United States Constitution “Bill of Rights”, and requires a “Letter of Physical Custody of a Body” be published by the government stating the charges and location of citizens in its custody. Simply stated, the United States has mandated that a written letter of possession be given to the State by law enforcement containing the location

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Bail Bondsman College Station – What is a surety bond?

Bail Bondsman College Station Bail Bondsman College Station - Brazos County, Texas A surety bond is a contract among three parties; the defendant, the court, and the bail agent. A bail bond is a type of surety bond used to secure the release from custody of a person charged with a criminal offense. The defendant or indemnitor will pay a premium in exchange for the bail bonding company's financial strength to extend surety credit. In the event of a forfeiture of the bond, the bonding company will pay the forfeiture, and will turn to the defendant or indemnitor for reimbursement. Gage Gandy Bail Bonds is a bail bondsman in College Station, Texas and is open 24 hours a day.  Call today to post bond for a friend or loved one. The Go To bail bondsman College Station! Call 979-821-2663  

What if the person I bailed out of jail, skips town?

The purpose of bail is to assure the attendance of the defendant, when his or her presence is required in court, whether before or after conviction. Bail is not a means of punishing a defendant, nor should there be a suggestion of revenue to the government. Whe the defendant fails to appear in court, and “skips town” with unknown whereabouts this means that the defendant has broken the contract of his bail. The surety or depositor may arrest the defendant, or authorize a bail enforcement agent or private investigator to do so for the purpose of surrendering him into custody to ensure his future appearance. This extraordinary power of the bail bondsman is of ancient origin. When bail is given, the principal is regarded as delivered to the custody of his sureties. The following may be authorized to arrest a bail fugitive: A certified law enforcement officer. A person licensed