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What are the Punishments for Failure to Appear in College Station, TX

In College Station, TX, if you are arrested for any crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, you will go before a judge in good standing and receive a court date to appear at. This means you must go to the courthouse on that day and time and stand before a judge to argue your guilt or innocence or to receive sentence. Your release before that time depends on paying surety bonds either in cash or with the help of a professional bail bondsman. Failure to Appear Failure to appear at this court date is itself a crime in College Station and Bryan, TX and multiple punishments may pile on top of whatever you did to get arrested in the first place. Also, it will affect the affordable bail bond someone paid on your behalf. Several factors go into determining what the punishments for failure to appear on

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Property Bonds and Acceptable Collateral for Professional Bail Agents

College Station and Bryan, TX If someone you know and trust has been arrested in the College Station and Bryan, TX area, you will want to arrange for bail to get them out of a jail cell as quickly as possible. In most cases, cash or other approved funds are necessary to pay off the surety bonds to the bail agent. Professional bail agents of Texas can help, however, it is possible in some areas to handle this transaction by using the property Bonds or collateral system. After making the decision to bail somebody out of jail, which should be considered carefully, the person paying needs to bring the appropriate amount of money or collateral to the bail bondsman & all necessary paperwork. If the amount required to be paid is not an affordable bail for this individual, they may have the option to use their real property or other

Immigration Bail Bonds Help Migrants Get Fair Treatment

Illegal immigration is a much talked about subject in the United States today and especially in the southern states like Texas. The only people who need to worry about immigration bail bonds are the migrant workers who come into the country illegally and are caught by local authorities or the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). While most people understand that these people broke the law when they crossed the border, it is still important to afford them all fair services that the US court system is known for. Professional bond agents need to have a special license to offer immigration bond to people who are in the country without proper paperwork. This is not just the normal license that every bail bondsman must get to issue bonds for misdemeanors and bonds for felonies. Instead, it is issued by the INS to the bond agencies who have proven knowledge of immigration

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5 Myths About Professional Bail Agents Busted

People who have never worked with professional bail agents before may have formed an opinion based on Hollywood movies and crime shows on TV. Although the old stereotypes of yesteryear are disappearing, there are still some myths surrounding this career choice. Consider these five myths about bail experts for criminal bonds and civil bonds below. A Bail Bondsman is Always a Man Of course there are no laws that say a bail agent must be a man or any aspects of the job that would preclude a woman from doing it. It is true that more men gravitate to the business of handling bonds for misdemeanors and bonds for felonies, but women are also joining this profession. After all, since people will not stop committing crimes no matter what the economy is like, it is a pretty recession proof job. Bail Experts Work Outside the Law A bail bonds agency

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The Arrest and Bail Bonds for DWI and Traffic Process Explained

College Station Bail Bonds Agent The police in Brazos County, TX take driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated seriously. Whether the driver is an Aggieland alumnus who drank too much at his buddy's house while watching a football game or a businessman going home from a three martini lunch, they will pull you over and charge him with DWI in order to keep the roads around College Station, TX and Bryan, TX safe. After the arrest is made and the impaired driver is taken to the jail, they have a chance to go home and be with their family before the sentencing occurs. This involves someone on the outside either paying the whole bail or going to a professional bail agent to secure surety bonds for their release. The entire process for a DWI arrest and bail bonds payment begins at the side of the road. When a

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Surety Bonds: The 3 Promises of the Criminal Bonds Process

If you get arrested in the Bryan, TX or College Station, TX areas, a whole series of regulated events gets put into motion along with the need for bail bonds. While process is important to understand this point, the only thing you would be thinking of getting out of jail going home to deal with future court appearances and the consequences of your criminal or civil actions. You are going to need the help from a bail agent. There are two ways to get out of jail. One, you can pay the entire bail amount set by a judge in a court hearing. For first offenses and misdemeanors, this amount may be low enough to simply pay at one time. In many circumstances, and affordable bail is not set due to the severity of the crime, criminal background or your perceived flight risk. Then it is time for a friend

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Bail Recovery Agent: What Happens With Failure to Show?

Need to know about bail agents? When one of your family members, close friends, coworkers or fellow Aggie college alumni is in trouble, you may be prepared to do whatever it takes to get them out of jail and free again. This does not mean baking a cake with a file and it or arranging to dynamite the wall of the Brazos County, TX jail and stage a dramatic breakout. Getting someone out of jail usually involves professional bail agents. If you think you should step up and pay the bail and sign the paperwork for someone you know who ended up on the wrong side of the law, there are a few things you should know first. If you sign the papers, you are responsible for the total payment. You may have to put up collateral such as your home, car, stocks or personal property. If the person you

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Bail Bonds College Station TX – What’s Behind the Paper?

Bail Bonds College Station TX -What's Behind the Paper? Have you asked yourself, “what’s behind my paper?”  Does your surety make itself available to help you 24/7/365? Does your surety give you access to free online eServices? Does your surety offer assistance and guidance on how to expand your business? We think these are very important questions that you should be asking yourself. At AIA, we are not just another bail bond insurance company. In fact, we decided a long time ago that we were not just going to be like every other company – going through the motions and just giving agents powers of attorney (or “paper”). Our goal was to be the best “partner” in the business. A partner that listens to the needs of its agents and provides real solutions to make each and every bail bond agent the best agent they can be. So whatever the

Bail Bonds and Twitter Mockery

Bail Bonds and Twitter Mockery - Having confidence in life can be a very good thing for people.  However, when a person’s sense of confidence crosses the line and becomes more about “arrogance”, that is when most people get themselves into trouble.  Mix that arrogance with some social media and a smart person can quickly become a not so smart person.  Just ask the 60 year old San Diego woman who recently was apprehended in Baja, Mexico after fleeing law enforcement in California. The woman was being charged with insurance fraud totaling over $664,000 in claims.  Her story was that she had fallen at home and was unable to work anymore as an Amtrak employee.  Prior to her claim of injury, the woman had upped her disability insurance netting her a monthly payout of $40,000 while she was unable to work. Unfortunately for the woman, she was still able to

How is bail determined?

How is Bail Determined? How is bail determined? A judge or magistrate normally sets the amount of bail for each defendant. They will consider many things in this process including the nature and seriousness of the charges, the weight of the evidence, the defendants character and history as well as other factors to determined the overall potential flight risk of the defendant. Additionally, many states and counties also have what is called a bail schedule, which is a set of guidelines comprised of bail amounts and ranges for specific crimes. In addition to the factors listed above, judges very often utilize these schedules to assist them in determining the appropriate bail amount. Gage Gandy Bail Bonds of the Brazos County serving College Station Bryan area in Texas and surrounding areas for over 19 years. Texas A&M – Class of ’95. Visit College Station Bail Bonds for more information on our