Do you watch a lot of ESPN? If so, then you have probably seen one of Volkswagen’s new television commercials. They all start out with a couple or a person doing something really fun in a car, like going to a drive-in theater, going out to a fancy dinner or going on a road trip. Seems pretty normal until the camera eventually turns to the back seat of the car, where you see the Volkswagen sales guy sitting there asking if the test drive can be over yet. As you laugh, you think to yourself this would never happen in real life.

Well for the most part you would be correct, but in one instance recently in Florida, a quick test drive for a man became a one way ride to a jail cell and a meeting with a bail bondsman. Last week an Ocala, Florida man went on a test drive of a 1997 Ford-250. He gave a phone number and a copy of his driver’s license to the dealership and was then given the keys to the truck for a quick test drive. When the man didn’t come back for a few hours, the dealership called the phone number which was disconnected and the address was that of an abandoned house. The authorities were called and eventually the man was picked up driving the truck around town. The truck contained some tools and some lumber, and the man claimed that he was going to return the truck when he was done working. Apparently he doesn’t understand the concept of a test drive.

Things got worse for the man when he called his wife to come get his stuff out of the truck before police took him in. According to the article, the man and his wife had recently had a domestic dispute and the man was ordered to have no contact with her. In calling her for her assistance, he violated that court order and opened up another can of worms for himself. It doesn’t look like the man will be doing any more test drives for a bit. Read the original story below.

Original article: Test Drive Leads To Jail

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