How many times can someone be arrested and still get out of jail on bond?

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How many times can someone be arrested and still get out of jail on bond?

It is very important to remember that each and every situation and arrest is different, and will include the recent arrests of the defendant in question when arriving to the final decision by the judge as to whether or not they qualify for bail or not. As always, please be sure to contact Gage Gandy for detailed information regarding your circumstance, as we are here to assist you in any way possible.

What is the general process that we can expect?

Once the arrest has been made, a judge will review the case along with a pretrial release representative. The judge will then decide what the bail amount will be, given that they actually qualify for bail given their track record and the crime they have been arrested for and accused of committing. In the event that the judge reviews your case and sees that the defendant has wither committed the same drive multiple times, has an extensive criminal history, and or have any other holds on you. A hold basically means that there has been a detainer placed on you by another governmental agency requiring you to be held pending clearance of that hold. Unpaid traffic tickets could be a valid reason for you to have a hold place upon you, which would require you to wait out your sentence in jail until the hold is has been cleared.


You would be wise to keep in mind that when a person is granted bail, the judge is basically saying that they believe there is a reasonable enough chance that the person will return to court to stand trial for the crime they have been accused of committing. For the majority, if a person is released on bail, there is a higher percentage of a chance that they will return to court for trial than if the person had been released on his or her own recognizance. However, it is also very likely that if a judge determines that the person would not be safe walking around with the general public, even though they would be returning to court in order to stand trial, the judge may deny bail. This would be knows as a person’s track record, and that can make the biggest difference in a judge’s sentencing. Because of this, there is no set amount a person can be arrested and be denied bail. However, there are situations where a person can be arrested to many times that they have to serve an increased sentence in prison or jail if they are convicted of a crime. Depending on the crime, the person may qualify for parole or release from jail. With respect to each unique case, it is nearly impossible to make a firm statement declaring how many times a person can get arrested before bail is automatically denied.

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