How the Bail Bonds Process Works in Brazos County, TX

//How the Bail Bonds Process Works in Brazos County, TX

How the Bail Bonds Process Works in Brazos County, TX

How the Bail Bonds Process Works in Brazos County, TX

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The bail bondsman are people that you hope you never need to meet, but are infinitely grateful for when the situation requires their use. If a friend or family member of yours is arrested, it is important to understand how the entire process works so there are no surprises and so the detained person can get out of that jail cell as quickly as possible.

It all begins with an arrest. The person who committed the crime or is accused of committing a crime is taken to the police station or jail and booked. Their information is written down or entered into a computer, their personal belongings are stored until they leave, they are fingerprinted and their mug shot is taken. After that, one of two things the purpose: either they are released on their own recognizance or they must await a bail hearing.

1 – How Do Bail Bonds Work, The Hearing

Minor crimes do not require a bail hearing by a judge. There is not usually a need to get bonds for misdemeanors like bonds for traffic related arrests. The person who was arrested and processed will be allowed to leave after all the paperwork is done and certain other criteria are met. For more serious crimes, the judge will weigh chance of re-offense, flight risk, severity of the crime and other factors when they determine how much to set bail at. Bonds for felonies such as bonds for assault will have a higher bail amount. Bonds for DWI in Brazos County, TX may be necessary if the person has been in trouble for the same crime before.

2 – Meeting the Bail Bondsman

Someone on the outside needs to be contacted in order to organize the bail payment in College Station, TX. This is the well-known one phone call that people get to make from the jail cell or the police station. This person can be a family member, friend or even a lawyer or other representative. All that is required is that they are willing to sign the paperwork necessary to have you released from jail and pay the fees and put up collateral as needed.

3 – The Paperwork and Promise

The funds provided by a bail agent is a bond of surety that is paid to support a promise that the arrested and accused person shows up at all future court dates for trial or sentencing. The person who signs the paper becomes responsible for making sure that happens. Other than paying the bail amount, a person can put up collateral to cover it if they do not have the cash available. Different types of acceptable collateral include real estate, car titles, financial funds and tangible goods of considerable choose one.

4 – Local Bail Bondsman, The End

The entire bail bonds process ends when the accused criminal goes to court and is found either innocent or guilty and is, if necessary, sentenced. Appearance at all necessary court dates means the person who paid in the beginning will get the bail amount back. However, bail bonds agent fees will not be returned, it is the cost of using this service to get someone out of jail more quickly.

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