Immigration Bail Bonds Help Migrants Get Fair Treatment

//Immigration Bail Bonds Help Migrants Get Fair Treatment

Immigration Bail Bonds Help Migrants Get Fair Treatment

Immigration Bail Bonds Help Migrants Get Fair Treatment

Illegal immigration is a much talked about subject in the United States today and especially in the southern states like Texas. The only people who need to worry about immigration bail bonds are the migrant workers who come into the country illegally and are caught by local authorities or the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). While most people understand that these people broke the law when they crossed the border, it is still important to afford them all fair services that the US court system is known for.

Professional bond agents need to have a special license to offer immigration bond to people who are in the country without proper paperwork. This is not just the normal license that every bail bondsman must get to issue bonds for misdemeanors and bonds for felonies. Instead, it is issued by the INS to the bond agencies who have proven knowledge of immigration law and who have bail recovery agents on staff to track down the migrants who skip out on court.

Jail Bonds and How They Work

As with any crime, the bail amount is set by the judge based on severity of the transgression and how likely the person is to run. They create the surety bond to try to make sure the migrant will come back to the immigration hearing in the future. However, this does not often work and illegal immigrants have a high percentage of failures to show. This leads to higher bail amounts for these cases.

Illegal Immigration

Immigration bond works in two ways. Sometimes, the judge set cash bond amount and the migrant worker can pay the whole thing himself. Other times, the amount is too high and the accused must work with a licensed bail agent to cover the remainder of the amount. The accused person or someone they know must pay a percentage of the surety bond in order to be released from jail. Just like the overall bond amount will be higher if the person is likely to run, the percentage a professional bail expert will have them pay will also be higher in these cases.

Whether the arrested person is an American citizen or a migrant in the country illegally, they are still covered by the US justice rule of innocent until proven guilty. Most people who do not have the correct paperwork to prove their legal status are deported to the country they came from even if no other crime was committed. If they do have work or visitor visas and commit another crime, they still may be deported. Criminal bonds will be higher than immigration bond as well.

Bail Bondsman – Illegal Immigration Facts

Most of these decisions come down to the INS and the laws regarding immigration in this country. Not only do they exist to protect the United States from illegal entry, but also to protect the rights of the migrants who move here. This organization helps them get fair treatment by recommending illegal immigration lawyers and bail bondsman who can help them with their criminal case.

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