Post Bail – A Rite of Passage for Aggieland Students?

//Post Bail – A Rite of Passage for Aggieland Students?

Post Bail – A Rite of Passage for Aggieland Students?

Post Bail - A Rite of Passage for Aggieland Students?

In the past five years in Brazos County, TX, Texas A&M University students have been getting arrested at a higher rate. While some of these crimes were very severe, many more were for things such as disorderly conduct and possession of a controlled substance and needing someone to post bail.

With all of these Brazos County, TX students getting arrested, posting bail may become something of a rite of passage as they transition from irresponsible teen to mature adults. Of course, many university students all across the country act a bit crazy when they first experience the freedom that comes going away to college. Professional bail agents in college towns are kept busy as friends and family members help the errant youths stay out of jail.

Affordable Bail

In some cases, however, a slap on the wrist from a judge and an affordable bail amount to pay is not all a person gets when he is arrested. Bonds for misdemeanors may be low and easily arranged with a bail agent in town, but bonds for felonies can be much higher and more serious. The last thing any promising University student wants to have a criminal record or time spent in jail.

The statistic revealed in the first paragraph above was only for Texas A&M football players, but there is nothing that makes athletes commit more crimes or get arrested more than the general population of the school. Many college students get arrested and end up needing a bail bondsman to arrange surety bail for them to get out of jail. The most crimes are: underage drinking, drug use, fake IDs, theft and property damage or disorderly conduct. Other possibilities include hazing, prank pulling and pirating music, movies or games.

If the criminal matter is not extremely serious, a lenient judge may release the college student on his or her own recognizance or set a very affordable bail that can be paid in cash. For more serious crimes or repeat offenses, the judge may decide to uphold the law in a stricter sense for teach the kids a lesson by setting a high bail amount. This means that a family member will need to work with a bail agent to arrange for payment and provide collateral for what is essentially a loan.

Brazos County, TX

Young adults go away to college and sometimes experience true freedom for the first time. They have no parents looking over their shoulder and making sure they stay on the straight and narrow. Some university students in College Station, TX and Brazos County, TX get in trouble for doing the same things all their peers are doing and getting away with. If an arrest happens after poor choices are made, it is comforting to know that professional bail agents with affordable bail can help the young adult stay out of jail.

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