Property Bonds and Acceptable Collateral for Professional Bail Agents

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Property Bonds and Acceptable Collateral for Professional Bail Agents

Property Bonds and Acceptable Collateral for Professional Bail Agents College Station and Bryan, TX

If someone you know and trust has been arrested in the College Station and Bryan, TX area, you will want to arrange for bail to get them out of a jail cell as quickly as possible. In most cases, cash or other approved funds are necessary to pay off the surety bonds to the bail agent. Professional bail agents of Texas can help, however, it is possible in some areas to handle this transaction by using the property Bonds or collateral system.

After making the decision to bail somebody out of jail, which should be considered carefully, the person paying needs to bring the appropriate amount of money or collateral to the bail bondsman & all necessary paperwork. If the amount required to be paid is not an affordable bail for this individual, they may have the option to use their real property or other belongings to counteract the costs.

What are Property Bonds?

If the person posting bail owns the home, commercial building or other real estate, he or she can place up for collateral to cover the costs of the bond instead of actually paying money. This is not an automatic acceptance as property bonds are not available in all states or with all bail bond offices.

Although this seems like an easy solution that doesn’t require emptying of your bank account, it should only be done if you are 100% sure the accused individual will show up for all necessary court dates. If he or she skips a date or runs from the law, it is possible that your home or business could be taken as collateral for the debt or have a lien placed upon it.

What are Other Forms of Acceptable Collateral for Bail Bond Payment?

Whether you decide to pay for either criminal bonds or civil bonds for a close friend or family member who was arrested, you can usually use collateral instead of cash to cover the fees and costs.

Property Bonds for Bail – acceptable forms of collateral include:

  • Vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs and boats
  • CDs, stocks, bonds and other financial funds
  • Physical property of worth such as jewelry, art and equipment

Professional Bail Agents

When the bail bond expert determines how much the collateral will cover, he will use his own legal criteria to do so. Of course, things like stocks or mutual funds have set worth that you will have to prove in order to use them as collateral. Things like jewelry or art will need an official letter from a professional appraiser.

Another important criteria of all bail bond collateral is that it must be owned 100% free and clear by the person using it. Homes with mortgages on them or cars being paid off with the car loans are not acceptable unless there is a very clear statement of equity. For example, a piece of real estate may have a certain amount of worth that you already own based on past mortgage statements. Cars still being paid off really don’t have the same benefit.

If you decides to bail a friend or family member out of jail and do not have cash on hand to cover the amount specified by the bail bondsman, it may be possible to get property bonds or use collateral to cover all or part of the amount.

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