Surety Bonds: The 3 Promises of the Criminal Bonds Process

//Surety Bonds: The 3 Promises of the Criminal Bonds Process

Surety Bonds: The 3 Promises of the Criminal Bonds Process

Surety Bonds: The 3 Promises of the Criminal Bonds Process

If you get arrested in the Bryan, TX or College Station, TX areas, a whole series of regulated events gets put into motion along with the need for bail bonds. While process is important to understand this point, the only thing you would be thinking of getting out of jail going home to deal with future court appearances and the consequences of your criminal or civil actions. You are going to need the help from a bail agent.

There are two ways to get out of jail. One, you can pay the entire bail amount set by a judge in a court hearing. For first offenses and misdemeanors, this amount may be low enough to simply pay at one time. In many circumstances, and affordable bail is not set due to the severity of the crime, criminal background or your perceived flight risk. Then it is time for a friend or family member of yours to contact a professional bail agent who can help arrange surety bonds for your release.

Surety Bonds

What does the term surety bonds mean? The “surety” in the surety bonds name refers to the assurances or promises to the courts that are made by you and the person who secures the bond. To get a surety bond quote, you will need to understand what you are getting into.

Promise #1 – The accused and the person signing the paperwork to secure the bail bond promises that the accused will show up at all future court dates. Only sign bond contracts for people you know well, know where they live, work and hang out and can keep track of in the future to make sure they show up in court.

Promise #2 –The person who signs for the bond promises to be financially responsible for the whole bond amount payment to the bail agent. Whether the accused is convicted of a crime or misdemeanor offense or is found innocent or the charges are dismissed, the entire original bond amount must be paid to the courts. If a bond agent is involved, that amount needs to be paid to him instead. After all, the bail agent is essentially paying bond for you and that monetary amount needs to be paid back.

Promise #3 – The person who signs for the bond promises to cover additional fees the agent incurs during the recovery process or future court proceedings. If the accused skips bail, flees or simply forget to go to court at the correct date and time, a bail recovery agent may be employed by the bond agency to find them, bring them back and collect the bail money as well. This can cost an additional amount that will be charged to whoever signed the paperwork in the first place.

Bail Agent

These three promises carry a lot of weight both legally and financially for the person who makes the decision to pay the bail bonds for a friend or family member who has been accused of a criminal or civil offense and arrested. This makes the decision about being the person who signs the contract with a professional bail agents a very important one to consider. If you believe the accused is unlikely to show up for court or is a repeat offender, it might be in your best interest to not get involved and use a Bail Bond Agent.

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