The Arrest and Bail Bonds for DWI and Traffic Process Explained

//The Arrest and Bail Bonds for DWI and Traffic Process Explained

The Arrest and Bail Bonds for DWI and Traffic Process Explained

The Arrest and Bail Bonds for DWI and Traffic Process Explained

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The police in Brazos County, TX take driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated seriously. Whether the driver is an Aggieland alumnus who drank too much at his buddy’s house while watching a football game or a businessman going home from a three martini lunch, they will pull you over and charge him with DWI in order to keep the roads around College Station, TX and Bryan, TX safe. After the arrest is made and the impaired driver is taken to the jail, they have a chance to go home and be with their family before the sentencing occurs. This involves someone on the outside either paying the whole bail or going to a professional bail agent to secure surety bonds for their release.

The entire process for a DWI arrest and bail bonds payment begins at the side of the road. When a person is pulled over under suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or some intoxicating drug, the officer gives what is called a field Friday test. In the Brazos County, TX area, he or she may also call out another officer more experienced in this procedure.

The person who has been drinking is put into the police car and his car picked up by a tow truck, searched and impounded in most cases. At this point, the person is allowed to contact his family or friends to let them know that he was arrested for an impaired traffic related situation. At the station, they are placed within a secure holding cell. Additional breath and urine tests for the presence of drugs and alcohol are completed unless the person refuses to take them. Their rights are read to them as well.

Bail Bonds

An affordable bail bonds amount is set by a judge within 48 hours of a DWI arrest. If this is a first time offense, the amount can be as low as $500, which is usually paid by a family member or friend without necessitating the involvement of a bail bond agent. However, if this amount cannot be paid or if the bail is set higher, such as criminal bonds for repeat offenders, a bail agent must be contacted for help.

Professional Bail Bonds

A professional bail agent is licensed to offer surety bonds to people accused and arrested for various crimes including driving while intoxicated and severe traffic violations. A family member or friend who wishes to stand up for the accused should go to a respectable bail agency in College station, Texas, sign the necessary paperwork, pay the bail bondsman’s fee, put up collateral if necessary and then retrieve the arrested person from jail.

Signing a contract with a bail expert means that the person is responsible for making sure person who was driving drunk or otherwise impaired shows up for future court dates. If he does not, the bail agreements forfeit and the entire amount is due bondsman. A bail bonds recovery agent may be employed to either find the accused or recover the money. Any collateral would also be forfeited to the bond agency, so it is important to make sure the professional bail agent person who received the bonds for DWI the first place appears in court.

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