What are the Punishments for Failure to Appear in College Station, TX

//What are the Punishments for Failure to Appear in College Station, TX

What are the Punishments for Failure to Appear in College Station, TX

What are the Punishments for Failure to Appear in College Station TXIn College Station, TX, if you are arrested for any crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, you will go before a judge in good standing and receive a court date to appear at. This means you must go to the courthouse on that day and time and stand before a judge to argue your guilt or innocence or to receive sentence. Your release before that time depends on paying surety bonds either in cash or with the help of a professional bail bondsman.

Failure to Appear

Failure to appear at this court date is itself a crime in College Station and Bryan, TX and multiple punishments may pile on top of whatever you did to get arrested in the first place. Also, it will affect the affordable bail bond someone paid on your behalf.

Several factors go into determining what the punishments for failure to appear on the appointed court date will be:

Severity of the Original Crime

If you paid bonds for felonies and are being accused of a violent or extreme crime, your failure to appear in court will result in considerable legal issues. Besides whatever sentence you will receive for your guilt, the judge can tack two to ten extra years to your time behind bars because you did not go to court on time.

For paid bonds for misdemeanors, failure to appear can also result in jail time in county lock up instead of state prison. This can take away a year or more of your freedom. Fines may also be levied against you.

Verifiable Reasons for Not Appearing in Court

The only way you will not receive further punishment for failure to appear at the Brazos Valley, TX court is if you have a good, verifiable reason you could not get to the court building. Some of these include extreme weather such as floods or hurricanes, reported car crash blocking major roadways or hospitalization for injury or severe illness.

Bail Recovery and Professional Bail Agents

The criminal bonds and civil bonds will be immediately revoked if you fail to show up for court. The bail agents who facilitated your release will immediately require the entire bond amount to be paid in full.

If the payment for the surety bonds are not remitted within the required amount of time, Texas law does allow bail bondmen to employ bail recovery agents to track you down and get the money or valuable property in order to cover your debt.

With all the potentially life-affecting punishments that could occur if you decide to skip the court appearance scheduled by the judge, the best idea is to just show up. Additional jail or prison time, considerable fines and being tracked down by a bounty hunter for the full bail amount will negatively affect your life more so than answering for your crime. Failure to appear is not a smart move and will only land you in more trouble.

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