What Happens if the Accused Skips Bail Bond and Disappears?

//What Happens if the Accused Skips Bail Bond and Disappears?

What Happens if the Accused Skips Bail Bond and Disappears?

What Happens if the Accused Skips Bail and Disappears

When a family member or friend of the arrested individual secures bail bond for him, they are entering into a legal contract with the bail bondsman that ensures the accused will show up at all future court dates to answer for their crime. Skipping bail in Brazos County, TX means that the accused hides, leaves the area or simply fails to appear for court. There are serious consequences for both the accused and the person who signed for criminal bonds or civil bonds for that person to begin with.

Surety Bonds / Bail Bonds

1 – Surety bonds are revoked. When a judge agrees to set a bail amount for and arrested person, he is allowing them to go back to their normal lives while they await trial. If they prove themselves irresponsible enough to avoid answering for whatever crime they committed, the bond agreement is null and the person is no longer free according to the guidelines set forth by the judge at the bail hearing.

2 – Bail bond money is forfeited. Whatever money the friend or family member of the arrested person paid to the professional bail agents is taken by the courts to pay the original bond amount. This applies to all of the collateral that they offered as well. Collateral could include real property, financial accounts, a car title or expensive items such as jewelry and electronics equipment. If the full amount was not covered by money or collateral, people who signed the papers to get bail for their friend or family member may be sued for the remaining amount.

3 – The courts issue an arrest warrant. Whether the accused received bonds for felonies or bonds for misdemeanors, failure to show up at a scheduled court date means that a bench warrant for arrest warrant will be issued. This means that the police will try to locate the person and will put them in jail right away and holds them at least until after the court date if they are found innocent of whatever crime they are accused of. These warrants for criminal bonds and civil bonds issues are recorded on a federal database so any police officer can access it and the rest of the accused no matter where they are or how long ago a warrant was issued.

4 – Bail recovery agents may be used to track down the accused. In Brazos County, TX and all other regions of Texas, it is legal to use a bail recovery agent or bounty hunter if the licensed bail bondsman has an ongoing and contractual relationship with them. This cannot be done in a freelance capacity, but must be an actual employee of the bail bond company or agent. These experts at finding people are able to catch and detain the person who skipped bail and bring them back to jail for holding until the court date or beyond.

5 – More criminal charges and financial fines are made. Skipping bail, or even intending to and a person skips bail by purchasing plane tickets or otherwise establishing means to get away, results in more charges being filed against the accused than if they had just gone to court the original crime to begin with. There is no bond for felonies of this type, because no judge would issue bail for someone who already tried to escape once. The Penalty for Skipping Bail is high, and most judges will not let someone go unpunished for it. Do not skip bond for any reason!

What Does Skips Bail Mean?

The penalty for skipping bail can effect a large circle of people connected to the person in trouble. Hiring a professional surety bond company is usually the best choice to make. Learning and understanding the laws and processes involved with bail bonds and the consequences for when someone skips bail can help you make important decisions when it comes to helping a family member of friend in their time of legal need.


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