What Happens If The Defendant Gets Re-Arrested While Out On Bond?

//What Happens If The Defendant Gets Re-Arrested While Out On Bond?

What Happens If The Defendant Gets Re-Arrested While Out On Bond?

An additional arrest does not have any direct impact on a bond that a defendant is already out on. If you get arrested after you’ve already been bonded out, you will need a new and separate bond, assuming that bail is set for you. However, just because one bond doesn’t affect the other doesn’t mean that there won’t be any impact on your situation. You should still consult with your bondsman as quickly as possible.

Each Bond Is Treated As a Separate Bond

Not only is each bond treated as a separate bond, but your bondsman isn’t likely to know that you’ve been arrested again — there’s no notification system for this, unless you call them for a separate bond. Bonding out for the second charge will be identical to the first; you will need to go through all of the steps again to provide the bonding fee and get released. Your first bond will not, in any way, effect the second bond. However…

The Consequences of a Second Arrest

There is an additional complication when a defendant gets re-arrested while they are out on bond. The defendant is still required to show up to their initial court date. If the defendant is arrested in another county, they may not automatically be taken to any outstanding court dates that they already have. Consequently, the defendant (and the guarantor of their bond) will need to contact the bail bondsman and the court office immediately to explain the situation and reschedule their court date. They may also need to work with both counties to ensure that they can be taken to each court date as they come up. Failure to show up to court will forfeit a bond even if you have not shown up because you are in jail; it’s up to you to notify the court system if you cannot make your date.

If you are arrested a second time while out on bond, you should call your bondsman. Not only will they be able to walk you through the steps of being bonded out again, but they’ll also be able to let you know whether your second arrest is going to have a potential impact on your court date. If you are unable to be bonded out the second time, it’s very likely that you are going to have to consult with your bondsman to find a way to get you to court. If your bondsman doesn’t know that you’ve been arrested and you fail to show up to court, not only will you forfeit your bond, but you will also likely have a warrant out for your arrest — and this could lead to a third, subsequent arrest following your first two.

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