Contact a Bail AgentHaving to pay bail is a trying circumstance. There is fear and uncertainty wrapped up in unexpected financial stress. It’s a lot to handle, but a bail bond agent can help you get through the challenge. A bail bond can reduce how much you’re paying out of pocket, and the agent can help you navigate the bail process. In order to get started, the agent will need you to be able to provide four pieces of information.

1. The Full Name of the Defendant

A bail bond is a loan, but it’s a very particular and special loan. It can only be granted for the purpose of paying bail, and because of that, it has to be paired with the specific defendant in question. That means that the bail agent cannot release the bond unless they have that information. In fact, pretty much all of the information provided to the bond agent will be for this purpose.

2. The Booking Number

In addition to the defendant’s name, the bond has to be paired with a unique booking number. This will ensure that the bond is being granted to the right person and under the correct legal auspices. It’s important to understand that the bail agent cannot look this number up for you. You will need to be able to provide the number to them in order to make the bond work.

3. The Location of the Jail Holding the Defendant

There is more than one jail in Texas. The bond company has to release funds to the correct jurisdiction, and doing that will require them to know where the defendant is being detained. With that information, they can ensure that the money goes to the right place, and that will allow the defendant to be released on bail.

4. The Amount Set for the Bail

This seems pretty obvious, but in the scramble to get a loved one out of jail, it’s common for people to misplace information. The bail agent does not have a preset list of bail amounts. They need to know how much the bail is in order to secure the correct bond for the situation.

Keep in mind that the bail total will typically impact the fees you ultimately pay for the service. A 10% fee is pretty standard, but exceptions to that amount do exist. Since the bail total determines how much you are paying out of pocket, it’s important to know that total from the start.

With this information, a bail agent should be able to walk you through the process and get bail secured. They’ll help you understand how to comply with the terms of the bail to make sure things go according to the law. When you’re ready, you can contact an agent with Gage Gandy Bailbonds to get started.